InSync, Inc. specializes in the manufacture of custom optics. A "typical" optic would be 1 meter in length with a rectangular cross section of approximately 100mm x 50mm.

Products Include: X-Ray through IR Optics, KB Mirrors, Bendable Optics, Internally Cooled Mirrors, Side Cooled Mirrors, Beam Splitters,

Sizes: Up to 1500mm

Finishes: 0.5µr RMS / 1Å RMS

Surface Shapes: Flats, Spheres, Sagittal Cylinders, Tangential Cylinders, Toroids, Conics

Substrate materials: Silicon, Glasses (i.e. ULE™ and Zerodur®), Metals (i.e. Nickel on GlidCop®), and others

Accessories: Benders, Mounts, and others

Bonding: Silicon to Silicon using InSync, Inc. S/S bond process, Silicon to Metal using InSync, Inc. S/M bond process, Metal to Metal using InSync, Inc. M/M bond process, and others
    Other custom requirements will be considered, please contact us
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